• Evolve with the Forest





















  • “Jinen” spirit,
    it means natural life of Japanese Satoyama culture
    in which people and nature live together.


    A cocktail bar based on the theme
    Japanese forest "SATOYAMA"
    that NARISAWA has treasured.






















  • Reservation

    ※Our reservation opens for each month at 10:00 am on the NARISAWA's first business day of the previous month.


    <Opening Hours>
    Tuesday ~ Saturday : 17:00 ~ 26:00
    Sunday : 17:00 ~ 23:00


    Tuesday ~ Saturday : Tel 03-5785-0799
    Sunday : Mail beesbar@narisawa.asia


    ※We have limited space.
    Please make a reservation by phone call or email in advance or even on that day.
    (We do not take phone call reservations on Sunday and Monday.)



    ※We are closed on Sunday and Monday during June and July.
     Please see the detailed schedule below.


    <Cancellation Policies>

    ・Please contact by phone call or email to cancel the reservation or change the reservation time.

    (No available phone call Sunday and Monday )
    ・Your reservation will be automatically cancelled if you don't appear.
    ・ We don't accept reservation for other people

    (only or the person himself/herself)

  • Access

  • Schedule