• Philosophy

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    Forests comprise almost 70% of Japan.
    Its coastline is ranked 6th in the world.

    Japan is surrounded by forests and seas.
    In this limited space,
    people cultivate the land and grow rice,
    they live and work hand in hand with nature,
    with the forests and seas,
    and they call this type of place the Satoyama.

    Responding to the four seasons,
    the severe changes between them,
    understanding this environment,
    and living our lives taking
    only the most necessary resources for daily life
    from the earth: this lifestyle is called
    Satoyama Culture.

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    Taking the rich culinary culture of the Satoyama,
    and the wisdom of our ancestors,
    we pass it through the NARISAWA filter
    to create a new, independent genre called,
    “Innovative Satoyama Cuisine”

    The Japanese term, “Ji’nen,”
    referring to the spirit of nature,
    includes people carrying on
    the Satoyama culture like instinct,
    together with the natural world.

    From this spirit
    we at NARISAWA create gastronomy
    Beneficial to both body and spirit,
    and a continuously Sustainable environment,
    which we call,
    Beneficial and Sustainable Gastronomy.



    Chef Yoshihiro Narisawa